The legend of the Dolomites

Monti Pallidi – „the pale rocks“

You will probably think it strange, but another name for Dolomites is “Monti Pallidi”. This original name is due to an ancient spell, that was put at the time of Dolomites Kingdom.

Then the dolomitic rocks were of the same colour of the Alps, there were flowery meadows, luxuriant forests and enchanting lakes. Everywhere people were happy and lived in harmony unless in the royal castle. There, the King’s son married the Moon princess, but they were destined to be kept apart for ever.

The former could not bear the intense moon light or he would became blind; the latter could not bear the dark mountains and the shadowy woods or she would fall ill due to a deep dejection. Both lovers were sad and gave up all hope.The prince used to seek refuge in the woods. But everyone know that mysterious and odd people live this places: people with unexpected powers and not at the mercy of the events.

A day, wandering in the forest, the prince ran into the Salvans’ King: a little, nice man looking for a land for his people. The King listened carefully to the young bridegroom’s story and offered him to make mountains shine in change of letting him living those woods with his people. As soon as the agreement was made, the same night gnomes wove the moon light and wrapped Dolomites with it. Finally could the princess come down from the Moon to live with her love. From then on Dolomites were also named Monti Pallidi.


Monti Pallidi Fotogallery